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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 14, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth trout man, it's time for the best videos of the day, "right this minute." a hooded robber smashes into a pharmacy to try to find painkillers. why he'll need them when cops put him in a world of hurt. urban tree climbers defie gravity. >> doing gnarly things. >> the video that caught the eye of the cops. a teen on stage at a paramore concert for -- >> one of the coolest things
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that could possibly happen. how the lead singer gave her her seal of approval. >> she said that i should be the new lead singer. >> awesome. they've been to the base and cracking a cold one. >> this guy is careful and precise. >> how to dive without losing a drop. >> dash cams catch bad behavior. this one certainly did. a dash cam from a police officer's control car pulling up beside a drive-thru window, after hours at a pharmacy. that does not mean someone's not inside. watch. >> oh. >> busted in the act. the suspected thief comes out of the window, and the police officer does not have time to react, hits the guy, and he goes down. but watch this. pops back up. we have this entire incident from different cameras, not just the dash cam. we have security footage from
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inside the pharmacy. police believe he was going in to find painkillers. according to the owner, this guy did not get away with painkillers. the police officer chased him down and through a yard. this guy jumped a fence and supposedly got away in an suv. they are still looking for the guy. a dash cam caught bad behavior in australia. at first, seems like everything is going okay on the roadway, but then you see the guy in the larger vehicle ahead stopped in the middle of the road. he decided to take it upon himself to teach this woman a lesson, that is a woman, and opens her driver's side door. according to a poster beneath the video, she's a friend of the driver of the station wagon. she was so nervous, she hit the window lock rather than the door lock. you see that guy just reaching in. looks like he's hitting at her, and the poster below the videos
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says he was trying to take the keys from the woman driving this station wagon. apparently, she had her two children in the backseat of the car, and it terrified them as well. after the guy gets back in the car, you see the car right in front of the dash camera, wave, and the guy in the car with the dash cam laughs, so you thinking, are they just heartless? no, they are not heartless, but laughing and waving because there's a police officer just behind these folks, and you see people getting out of the cars, the police car pulls up, and watch this beautiful moment. the woman who got out of the passenger side of the white car in front of us, goes over and hugs the woman from the suburu. >> and the police, tell me they caught the guy? >> they did! >> don't need a he said, she said here. nervous and to have sweaty palms. this is in norway, beautiful, gorgeous towers. two guys start climbing up.
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>> looks like it's already up on a rocky hill to begin with. >> at least this has a ladder. not being spiderman, a ladder meant to be climbed by tech technicians, not these guys. >> with harnesses, not your sweaty hands. >> they get to the tippy top, they start doing some gnarly things and showing us angles like this. this is really different because of what we're seeing down blow. we have seen a lot of the urban settings. this time, this is a rocky hill and a little village and a river off in the distance. >> you see nothing yet. the guy is holding on, lets go of one hand, now dangling from just one hand, and then we get that shot right there. >> look at you, you are holding your guts -- like -- >> it's instain ane to see, and police saw the video, are not
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looking for the guyings, but the owner of the tower are upset and will press charges if there's damage to the tower. at the end, one of the guy's playing cool music on the tower. it's a two-person party, but when you're up there, you need something, right? >> is this the first video with a sunset like that? that's beautiful. >> they brought cookies. >> that was smart. >> we. >> they brought cookies. i love cookies, any time, anywhere. >> this one was gnarly. it's great to see our public servnhathey are paid to do, hel people out. this first video, a dash cam video from the maryland state police officer's camera about to cross the tidings bridge when he sees a man standing right next to the edge of the bridge. he knows what's going to happen, and the guy tries to sling the leg over the bridge, jumped the
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trooper, grabbing the guy last second, throwing him and getting him under control, saving his life. firefighters in newark, new jersey at the scene of a working house fire. active fire from the top of the building, but firefighters turn attentn to this, keep your eyes on a window up there. you see that flashing light? that's not light from a fire. that's light from a firefighter. he's hanging off that top floor window straddling the window. now the firefighters start to stretch a ladder to him. >> signaling he's trapped? >> appears he does not have the breathing apparatus on anymore and needs assistance, but it does not appear that he's in any extreme danger. there's new information coming out from the firefighters's public information officer saying this firefighter was never in imminent danger. they put a ladder and then a ladder truck and extend the ladder, but before they are able to get that ladder extended to
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him, they have to cut the tree branch out of the way. >> oh, man. talk about a busy night for these guys. >> whether he was in danger or not, he did need help getting out of the situation that he was in. the ladder extends up to the firefighter, able to, with the help of others, walk down it. does not look like he's injured in any way. day one of vacation in estonia, a couple in a car, and the husband asks his wife, hey, let's film a clip of the rainstorm on the first day, and the wife says, you want me to get the sound of the thunderstorm? what are the odds of that? just as the camera rolls a bolt of lightning crashes in front of them. >> he's, like, yeah, rain on the first day of vacation. >> wow. >> i thought it was next to the road. they seem further off, like it hit the car.
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>> they slowed down. like a big bunch of sparks there on the side of the road. >> imagine the odds of capturing a lightning strike like that because you never know where it's going to hit. >> good or bad oman? >> good. boom, coolest vacation ever. >> good because it meant something. it's not old faithful. this is a fire hydrant hit. >> the water shoots up in the ar and you see the mercedes back up. >> why it's more than a wet mess. >> instagram super model. >> master the picture-perfect look with us next. >> bangs? >> just use your imagination. didid d sosomemeonone e s? trtry y alalkaka s seleltztze. theyey w worork k jujustst a ase better ththanan t tumums s smsmooootd fruit. mmmmm.m. a amamazizin. yeyeahah, , i i geget t th. alalkaka s seleltztzerer hn reliefchews. enenjojoy y ththe e rer.
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no videos tricks here, just a weird phenomena of smoke interacting with loud bass. ♪ these guys are jamming out, and they slow motioned the video, taking a puff of the vaporizer, blowing the smoke out, and you see the music almost like grabbing the smoke in midair and making it go back and forth. >> if it's doing this, the vapor, imagine what it's doing to their hearing. imagine what this is doing when you just talk. you know what i'm talking about? >> you see the clothes fluttering too from the loud
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bass. >> no alcohol is used in this next video. this guy's very careful, very precise to open up his beer, tap it down a little, make sure it does not pop all over the place, doesn't want to waste a drop, sip, and then done. >> i think this is a trick that he does often because it looks like everyone is sitting by watching. >> here it comes. i think he did it. >> i think he knows how much he needs to drink so he does not spill any of it. might have got water in it. >> i think he did. will mess up the taste of whatever it is. >> deluded his beer with chlorine water. >> oh, [ bleep ] >> chris burning starts rolling and running when he saw this happen in the oakland bay area in northern california. he saw a woman in a 1980s mother say duz crash into a fire high
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drand, and then to see that the water is shooting up in the air, and the mercedes backs up to get out of the way, right, all the way out of the way. >> oh! she took off. >> she drove away. >> oh! >> wow! >> what that lady does not know, he slowed down to video to get the license plate number. he and another guy proud they picked up evidence to give to the police. now, in perth, australia, you never know what happens when you're in the car. the dash cam is going. watch what happens to this guy, makes a right turn, and watch what pops out at him. >> oh, no! shoot, there was nothing to do. >> watch that again? >> that guy is down the street, and there's a kid on the bike, boom, snamacks into the car. there's a high profile suv that blocked him so he don't get any kind of warning that that kid
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was coming, but notice what happens to the bike after the incident. the bike just rolls all the way across the street. >> what about the kid? what happened to him? >> the driver, richardson, says he thinks the kid suffered just a fractured arm, no other serious injuries. i'm about to make you guys instagram super models. you are welcome. >> all right. >> this is an instructional video on how to by jess, follow directions to a tee, okay? >> okay. >> hands, they have to be doing something in the photograph. >> thumb's up works. >> got to be in the picture. >> so your arm, whatever you're doing, has to be above your head. put it up there. >> a ballet pose. >> pointed my toes when i did that. >> one item of motion, angle your head just enough so just one eye, and show that
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seductive, smokey-eyed, one-eyed look. >> i don't have the bangs. >> just use your imagination. >> so your mouth, now it's your mouth. you go to get it into -- your mouth has to say everything you're feeling. >> this is a lot to think about. >> yeah, give me the last shot. put it all together. >> put all together. >> three, two, one -- >> look at the camera. >> oh. >> you got to look at the camera. there you go, see, perfect. i think you guys are well on the way to being super models. you look great. >> so much better. my feed, now, will be full. >> i'm sad you didn't join in. >> quickly. >> one -- >> the eye -- >> ha-ha! >> yeah, that's gold. oh, my gosh, that's right. that is gold. a girl gets pulled up on stage at a paramore concert, and not only is she just going to
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one of the coolest things that could happen to you if you are an 8th grader at the concert of one of your favorite bands?
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getting pulled up on stage. let's join the paramore in oklahoma city. that is the lead singer, haley williams. the adorable fan on stage? 13-year-old peyton moss, an 8th grader from kansas city, missouri. >> tonight, right now, for the next three minutes, this is peyton's show. >> not just stand on stage, but she's going to perform. >> peyton? you have a microphone. >> she handed it over to her. >> yes, and she takes the microphone like a superstar. this is a hit song "misery." ♪ >> she's dancing around the stage. she's head banging along with
3:51 pm
haley. >> look at that. >> arm in the air. >> she didn't hesitate. didn't miss a beat. >> they do this at every single one of the concerts, but they don't always get a performance like peyton's. do you want to meet her? >> definitely. >> of course you do. we have her via skype right this minute from kansas city, missouri. wac to the show. what did that moment feel like? >> well, it was, like, just dancing in a room with friends. it was very comfortable. >> how is that possible? there were thousands of people there. >> you don't notice them after just, like, you're in the music, getting into it. >> you're chill here too, not even nervous. >> describe how you got on stage, was it set up beforehand or just random? >> i brought a poster to the concert that had some of the lyrics on it, and it says i waited eight months for this, and she saw that, and saw that i was jumping around in the crowd
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wanting to go up, so she picked me. >> do you have that poster with you still? >> okay. >> oh, that's awesome. >> what did she say to you after? >> after i was off stage, she said i was the future of music and that i should be the new leader singer. >> oh, that's awesome. >> you're awesome, thank you. we hope you get up on a big stage for a career. >> i will. i'm pretty sure job application for buzzfeed says you must be willing to do anything. including putting on spanx, y'all. >> thank goodness. men need to feel pressure of the spanx. >> no, we don't. >> walk a moment in our pants. >> i want to know what it feels like. >> masculine. very strong. >> did they get them the right size, though? it matters.
3:53 pm
>> free at last. >> where does it go? >> i don't know. it can't go anywhere. >> i assume there's a lot of hold, and -- >> that's my favorite part of the video, their conversation about this because it sounds like something women would discuss when they are standing there in different forms of spanx, having this, like, manly dude conversation about underwear. >> this guy gets a revelation. >> all in all, i was let down now that the shirt's tighter, it's clearer that i may not be the fittest man. >> didn't seem to do much to help the guys out. >> well, these guys, put a spirit on them, you'd notice how firm and tight that booty looks. >> felt like a french person hugging you. >> oh, yeah. >> like an in an intense way. >> i got you. >> i want the guy in the full body one, to find the pea hole. there's -- >> did they learn anything? new appreciation for what women
3:54 pm
go through? >> i don't think they liked it. >> humiliating. a magician puts on a show for a popular youtuber. >> he's so sly. >> see the tricks that blows his mind. what the?
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dunes. it's cool. >> creating a cool effect. >> good stuff from red bull. not every day do we see this, a youtube channel blown away by a cool magic trick. he posted this video, and watch
3:57 pm
this trick. it's narly. shows a card, the king of hearts. turns it around, that goes on the hand, taps it, turning it around, and he has the 6 of spades, and the other guy that has the king of hearts. >> what? >> he's so sly. >> love these guys, so good, you can't see it in slow motion. >> the 6 of spades, king of hoorl hearts again, scratching the hands with the card, shakes it, and then like that, the cards are switched again. >> something's going on. >> of course something is, it's magic. >> oh, no, i don't know. >> look at this, right here. watch, you see this, right? >> now colin has a card that is in pieces, and now he has that card, the pieces, in his hand. watch this. >> put your hands out. you'll feel this, man, you'll
3:58 pm
feel it. >> a bunch of people's hands are there. working their magic. all the torn up pieces melted. open up your hand. >> no. >> no. [ bleep ], [ bleep ], how did it come together? >> went from being a card in pieces to a solid card. >> i wish i could do this. i would be follow-up at parties. >> you are already fun at parties. >> if you want the entire video with the tricks, go to, and click and today's show or the mobile app. that's our show, we'll see app. that's our show, we'll see you next time, everybody.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. jesse? >> today on dr. oz, howard stern's savvy sidekick robin quivers. dr. oz: howard knew there were issues going on. >> the secret cancer battle she hid from millions. dr. oz: how did you pull it off? >> it was so serious, we didn't know how to handle it. you can't do a comedy show if people are worried if you're going to be there the next day. >> how she defeated a deadly diagnosis. >> every day is better than the day before. >> coming up next on dr. oz. dr. oz: the amazing woman you're about to meet is lucky to be alive. robin quivers, best known as the long-time sensible sidekick of radio shock jock


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